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Sperm Diagram | Sperm Enrichment

Sperm diagram: This test checks the quality of semen, identifying sperm concentration, motility and morphology.

The characteristics of a normal sperm diagram are:

Volume 2.0 – 5.0 cm3
pH  7,2 - 8,0 
Concentration     > 20 million/ml
Total number  > 40 million/ejaculate 
1st hour motility  > 50 % directly forward moving spermatozoa 
Viability > 50 % 
Morphology     > 30 % normal spermatozoa 
White blood cells  < 1 million

A semen sample is characterized by:

  • oligospermia when the number of spermatozoa is lower than normal (<20 million/ml)
  • asthenospermia when the percentage of motile spermatozoa is low
  • oligoasthenospermia when  both the number and motility are lower than normal
  • teratospermia when a high percentage of malformed spermatozoa is observed
  • azoospermia when spermatozoa are completely absent.

Sperm enrichment: Enrichment is recommended in cases where the value of one or more semen parameters are not within normal range. This is a special process to improve semen characteristics, in order to be used for IUI insemination or for IVF-ICSI.